Malnutrition is Very Dangerous for Weight Loss

08111621Many people with overweight begin to lose weight too quickly. That is, they are characterized by a rigid diet with minimal food intake.

The majority of people believe that the reason for their excess weight in the amount of food consumed, so they begin to be excluded from the diet of most of the products, leaving only fruit and water.

In fact, this is the wrong decision. The cause of excess weight that your metabolism is very slow and can not cope with the calories that come into it from the outside.

That is why, to get rid of this problem, you need to eat right. And it’s not the number of products and their quality. When people have enough to eat during a diet, it deprives them of the body of beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Prolonged deficiency of these substances markedly deteriorating condition of the body and can cause various diseases.

Proper diet slimming person should be balanced. It should definitely include seafood, fruits, vegetables, juices, vitamin complexes, and so on. Only through such a decision can achieve a positive result.

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