Low-calorie Sweet Foods

Many people refuse to dessert, because they understand that even one slice of cake can harm their figure, and rightly so, because most of the high-calorie confectionery.

However, there are sweet foods that can replace them, and they in no way inferior in taste.

Take, for example, honey, which although contains enough calories, but sugar is much more useful, since except for a set of vitamins it contains various minerals and enzymes that are useful for health.

An excellent sweetness is a marmalade, using which you will not only not to put on weight, and cleanse the body of toxic substances. This happens due to the pectin, which is rich in this product, but it is worth considering what should be chosen marmalade without sugar powder.

Another sweet product that can be pampered, is a candy. The fact that it is prepared from cooked mashed berries or fruit, with added sugar, and if it is replaced with honey, you get a very tasty, and most importantly a low-calorie product.

The only thing to remember is that you need to follow around the measure, as overeating, even useful products harm.

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