Losing Weight on Juice Diet

Fruits and vegetables contain quite a few useful vitamins and biologically active substances and microelements.

It is necessary to use natural juices, fresh, they are beneficial to human health, otherwise permitted to store them in a sealed container for 8 hours.

Nutritionists use this drink in the diet. It is low in calories. Artificial nectar-containing beverages made from concentrates, contain sugar, food additives, which does not contribute to weight loss. Many major role takes human food.

You can replace breakfast or dinner with one or two cups of nectar. The dinner is not to abuse meat, dairy products and fish. Replace the entire diet on natural juice is not necessary, it can adversely affect your health, lose muscle mass rather than fat consumption should be in moderation. muscle recovery will take plenty of time to think about that juice diet.

Most of the benefit will bring fruits and vegetables in natural form. Proper nutrition and exercise in the gym will give the desired result.

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