Lose Weight Can Even in a Dream

12111615In order to lose weight, people are doing their best, from exhausting diets and physical activity to large, in the hope that will be able to lose weight.

Natural methods like diet, not to be confused with the abandonment of the use of food, not to mention the moderate sports, the complex always give a positive result.

The problem is that not everyone will be able to sustain such a pace of life for a long time. How did you manage to prove the American scientist, you can lose weight even in a dream, if you follow certain rules, one of which is that sleep should last at least 8.5 hours, at the same time it should not be discontinuous.

To sleep was strong, and while it passed a certain process, it is necessary for half an hour before bedtime drink a glass of milk. In addition, the temperature in the bedroom to be optimal.

For better sleep it is recommended not to watch TV, and read a good book or crossword puzzles.

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