Long Stay at Work Harmful

Nowadays, not everyone is able to get a job, which in addition to pleasure, to bring good income, so some people find a job, trying to carry on the job longer than expected.

Naturally employers such an initiative like their employees, even though scientists have proved that people who work 10 hours a day, significantly lose their mental and physical abilities.

The end result of all this affects not only productivity but also on health.

This is especially true of businessmen who have to often work on weekends, thus depriving themselves of a good rest. However, scientists from Spain claim that the harm caused by processing can be obtained only in the case if it is to perform a burden.

If, for example, the person wants to achieve quick results from the work done, then in that case it will not affect health. In any case, it is advisable to combine leisure with work, at the same time, try as much as possible to communicate with people, to engage in their physical training and travel

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