Little Known Factors Influencing Overweight

22111616Many people who are overweight, the emergence of new wonder kilograms.

It would seem that they adhere to all the recommendations do not convey, lead an active lifestyle, but for some reason it is observed that their clothes get them small.

British scientists have been able to give an answer to this question revealed several causes of obesity, which, at first glance, have no relation to this issue.

One of them may be a violation of the intestinal microflora, which in turn leads to improper metabolism. Therefore, after testing and, in case of detection of such diseases, it is necessary to undergo treatment.

Using plastic utensils, the production of which is used as a substance, Bisphenol A, in contact with food, emit harmful substances that adversely affect the functioning of the heart, liver, kidney, and provokes the appearance of excess weight.

People living in large cities, where there is a large car fumes in the air, as well as from pollution by industrial enterprises, more susceptible to obesity because their body’s ability to burn calories decreases.

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