Laughter improves sexual potency

30091626Fun laughing is not only pleasant, but also good for health.

It turns out that laughter enhances sexual potency and helps to prolong sexual intercourse. At least talk about this Israeli expert Shevach Friedler, which bases its figures on data obtained from its own research.

The fact is that during laughter is decreasing abdominal muscles, which are also involved in the raising of the penis men. That is why, the more often a person laughs, the more he works the reproductive system and the more stable it is sexual potency.

In addition, laughter has a positive effect on weight loss. It turns out that if you laugh for 10-15 minutes, during which time the body burns up to 50 calories. That is, if you do every day to laugh for 10 minutes, then about 1 year reset your body weight by 2-4 kg.


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