Late Dinner is Hazardous to Health

060920163Many of us like to get together with friends late at night at a party at someone, eat delicious pizza before going to bed and go to sleep. However, according to scientists, late dinner is very dangerous for health. A number of experiments carried out Ebru Özpelit and its subordinates of the University of Dokuz Eylül, say that eating late at night can cause many health troubles.

It is generally known that during sleep blood pressure in the body decreases by about 9-11%. So, according to the research, those people who took the food and went to drop to less than 2 hours after a meal, the risk of high blood pressure in the morning to increased approximately 3-fold.
Ebru Özpelit explains it very simply.

The fact is that when a person is before going to bed, the food simply does not have time to digest in the body until such time as he falls asleep. As a result, the body begins to produce special hormones of stress for the processing of food at a time when he needed to be prepared to sleep. That’s stress hormones are a major obstacle that prevents our blood pressure during sleep fall.

What should your breakfast be?

If you want to maintain your health, try to choose the right diet in the morning. Doctors recommend starting the morning with cereals and vitamins. You can use yogurt, scrambled eggs or just make a ham sandwich. From drinks you can choose tea or coffee, but it will also be useful to drink fresh juice or milk. The optimal time for a first breakfast is 8-00, because this is exactly the time when your body will be as ready as possible for meals. Remember that proper diet is the key to longevity and health.

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