Lack of Vitamin D Contributes to the Emergence Headache

Finnish researchers conducted a series of experiments, figuring out the cause of frequent headaches in men older than 40 years, with the result that they were able to figure out that these symptoms may be due to a lack of vitamin D, which we get mostly from sunlight.

In winter, when the days are short, so it is recommended to people as possible to be outdoors more often, and, in the light of the day.

While in the room, try to include more coverage that will not only help get rid of headaches, but also to lift the general mood.

It is proved that, for a long time staying in a dimly lit room, people have seen the emergence of the state of depression, which negatively affects sleep, the quality of which depends on the overall state of health, because people are constantly enough sleep, become tired quickly and strongly irritable.

As for food, then as much as possible include seafood, because they contain all the elements necessary for normal life, especially as boiled fish can be consumed even at dinner.

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