Lack of Iron in the Body Can Cause Anemia

There are situations when one good night’s sleep, the pressure he is normal and he feels tired, irritable and constantly pulls to sleep.

The reasons for such a condition can be set, and one of them is the lack of oxygen in the blood, due to low exposure to fresh air.

This is especially true for those people who are busy with work at home at the computer, because they do not have to go out, even to get to the workplace. Another reason may be the lack of iron in the body and is proven Norwegian scientists conducted a series of experiments, participants who were mostly women.

They found out that those persons who did not take drugs containing iron, much faster tired for no apparent reason. The second half of the people who regularly use these medicines as well as foods with a high content of iron, notable for their vivacity, activity and performance.

If over time the body does not receive the item, then this disease can appear as anemia, which is difficult to treat.

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