Jogging Prolong Life

020920162Throughout life, we want to look beautiful, and most importantly, healthy. In order to accomplish this, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that you need to give up bad habits and exercise. Proper nutrition also plays an important role in maintaining the body in good shape. According to researchers in the field of medicine, the people who are engaged in a daily morning run, suffer less from heart disease.

According to the results of the study, which lasted for 35 years, and the participants were about 20 thousand people of different ages, it was reported that the people who 3 times a week doing jogging, spending a little more than an hour to live longer. At the same time women live longer by 5.6 years, while men for 6 years. Classes in this sport does not require any financial costs of a subscription to the gym, choose the hour is enough time to make such a run is not fast, at the same time, not necessarily to set records. In addition, running to make not on city streets where vehicles moving, and select parks or forest areas.

And this is the real truth! Doing this kind of activity – perfectly affects the state of human health!

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