It Should not Go On a Diet Before the New Year

Soon will come the Christmas and New Year, those holidays, which are some of the most popular, not only for children but also adults. Many of the fair sex in advance choose their outfits, which they plan to meet New Year’s Eve.

However, as often happens, the extra weight that had come over the winter, do not allow to wear a favorite dress, so, ladies urgently decide to lose weight, why use a strict diet.

And whether it is necessary to resort to such measures.

As nutritionists say the best time to lose weight, it is not up to the feast, and after its completion. The fact is that after the limit yourself to food for the holiday table is unlikely to resist the temptation to drink champagne, tasty food, not to mention the sweets to be served for dessert.

In the end, it turns out that all of your missing kilos not only return but also be added. Therefore, it is better Pick other Christmas outfit, have fun at the festival, and after it start to follow her figure.

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