It is Recommended to Sleep on Your Left Side

Everyone knows how sleep affects our health, because many people, when faced with the problem of lack of sleep, experiencing symptoms such as headache, fatigue, irritability, and if this process is observed over time, it can lead to psychological breakdown and other serious diseases.

As it turned out, that not only the duration of a sound sleep, but also in what position you sleep is of paramount importance.

American scientists managed to prove that the most useful is a dream in which a person is on the left side.

The advantages of such a set of poses, and one of them is to prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant feeling as heartburn, because of which some people often wake up during the night. In addition, it increases the speed of processing food, for those people who gorge on for the night, which, incidentally, is not recommended.

In addition, experts say that sleeping on the left side of the heart work better, one of the principal organs to ensure our livelihoods.

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