It is not Overeating at Night

06121615Even 60 years ago, American scientists were able to prove that there is a disease of a night of gluttony, and it is directly related to the human psyche.

People who want to lose your excess weight, usually go on a strict diet, so waking up in the morning, at best, drink a coffee and a sandwich, and sometimes even give up breakfast.

During lunch and restrain themselves from normal consumption of food, and with the arrival of the evening, it played out appetite so much that to keep yourself in hand, not everyone can. Opening the refrigerator people losing control, eat about 80% of the products that were consumed during the day. If this continues for a few days, then you have night-eating syndrome.

To get rid of this disease, it is necessary to completely revise your daily routine. To do this, be sure to eat breakfast, it is desirable that it consisted of cereals, as well as during lunch, which devote at least one hour, followed by drink liquid meals. But dinner should be light.

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