It is More Useful to Go to Bed on an Empty Stomach

Scientists were able to prove that the most useful thing to go to bed on an empty stomach, what dinner should be no later than four hours before bedtime, although earlier it was believed that it was enough to 2 hours.

The benefits of sleep on an empty stomach is the fact that during this time our body is resting, and not only the stomach, but also the brain, which, as experts say, is reloaded.

After a series of experiments, it was found that those who before going to bed used the light vegetable salads, boiled fish or dairy products, constantly slept for 8-10 hours, after which felt throughout the day in good shape.

This can not be said about those people who firmly supper before going to bed, because, overnight, their body is unable to relax properly and it affects their state upon awakening. In addition to drowsiness, fatigue, feelings of such people have observed a constant nervous tension, because of which they can not relax for a long time.

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