It is Considered the Most Harmful Indoor Smoking

The fact that smoking is bad for our health, well known for many years, but it turned out to be particularly harmful nicotine is obtained as smokers and the people around him, while in the room.

US researchers conducted a series of experiments, participants were of the mouse.

Data animals immediately after birth, were divided into two groups, one of which was in the room with fresh air, while the second group of mice were moved to a room in which there were things processed tobacco smoke.

After some time spent analysis, we found out that the second group of subjects, in addition they have slowed the growth was observed a number of diseases including thrombosis. However, after they were transferred to a clean room, health status was significantly improved.

This means that, no matter how long you are fond of cigarettes, to abandon them is never too late, and the sooner you do, the better. Maybe that’s why in many European countries began to introduce a ban on smoking in restaurants, cafes and other public places, as other people suffer because of it.

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