Is it Worth it to Treat Baby Teeth?

All fathers and mothers closely monitor the health of their child, because they want him to grow strong and healthy and less exposed to various diseases.

However, there are often cases where insufficient attention is paid to the milk teeth, believing that they are temporary.

As a rule, at the age of three, all baby teeth grow in the baby, which in two years will be replaced by permanent teeth.

Experts argue that if caries appears on the milk teeth or a different disease manifests, it is necessary to treat it, as caries will necessarily be transmitted to the main tooth. In addition, a free space will appear at the site of the removed tooth, where the remaining teeth will move, which will not only lead to a dyskectomy, but also the curvature of the main teeth, which is difficult to correct.

Thanks to modern equipment, the process of dental treatment in children is carried out without the use of injections, so do not scare it in advance, because the procedure will be completely painless. Therefore, visit the dentist regularly, because sometimes caries can not be detected without a qualified examination.

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