Is it Safe to Use Soap in Public Places?

The most common viral infections occur due to lack of hygiene, it is understood that before eating, people do not always wash their hands.

And after being in public places, because touching various objects on our hands there are many different bacteria, which enters the body, provoke inflammation.

Many people who are in places like coffee shops, a polyclinic and a toilet, with hand washing using soap public into thinking that using it washed away all the germs. However, scientists have proved quite the opposite, and according to their data, the soap is capable of removing only dirt. Whereas it can accumulate a variety of bacteria, and this also applies to liquid soaps.

Therefore, staying in such places, it is recommended to wash your hands with running water and use a damp cloth, which, incidentally, it is recommended to have children who go to school, because as a snack during their hands should always be clean.

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