Is Deodorant harmful to health?

Nowadays, there are a number of products and cosmetic products that cause enormous damage to our body, while not only reducing immunity, but also provoking the onset of cancer.

The American Cancer Institute, whose employees have been dealing with this problem for many years, have presented a report in which they explain the effect of cosmetics on the occurrence of tumors.

After a series of experiments, they managed to prove that almost all deodorants include harmful elements, one of which is the aluminum salt. Therefore, many people complain of the occurrence of allergies, frequent headaches and other symptoms that arise, in their opinion, because of deodorants.

However, it was possible to prove that with the proper use of such cosmetics, they do not cause much harm. The fact that some people are used to apply deodorant to a dirty body, thus reduce the unpleasant odor of sweat, which can not be done categorically, as sweat glands can inflame.

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