Iodine Deficiency in the Body

3108201612For normal operation of our body requires a large number of different vitamins and minerals that we get while eating. From what your daily diet, well-being depends. Those persons whose menu consists of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables suffer less from various diseases than those citizens who are constantly fed semi-finished products and ready meals.

One of the elements necessary for a person is iodine. Many people suffering Hondrocream România Crema from various diseases, without even knowing that they arise from the lack of iodine.

Everyone can identify at the rate of iodine.

To do this, you must apply before bedtime iodine mesh hip and, if in the morning you will not find it, it means that you do not have enough, and if the grid pattern continues, can be calm, you are all OK.

For full information, it is best to go to the hospital, where the doctor will put you to an accurate diagnosis and provide recommendations.

Clinical Picture And Dangerous Symptoms

Deficiency of iodine primarily affects the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Failures of this body necessarily lead to the loss of the ability to fully operate all the important systems in our body.

Identifying the lack of a valuable component of the thyroid gland, as an opportunity to compensate for the imbalance, significantly increases in volume, creating on the neck a large and impartial goiter. However, the danger lies not in the loss of Hondrocream България Кремът attractiveness.

The consequences can be much more serious. The iodine deficiency has a particularly negative effect on the female body. And most often the shortage of iodine for the fair sex is as follows:

– Loss of efficiency, loss of strength, constant lack of sleep;
– Unstable psychoemotional state, apathy, depression;
– Sensible sleep;
– Migraine attacks, rapid pulse, pressure jumps;
– Decreased immunity;
– Groundless increase in body weight;
– The appearance of hoarseness in the voice;
– Deterioration of sexual life, loss Hondrocream Deutschland Creme of attraction;
– Malfunctions in the work of the menstrual cycle;
– Loss of genital function.

The occurrence of iodine deficiency in the body is related Asami Österreich not only to the lack of food in the diet containing a valuable element. Certainly, this reason is present here, but it is not the only one.

Negative factors that affect the reduction of iodine in the body include bad habits – the use of alcohol and nicotine products, exposure to radioactive elements, reduction in the amount of another chemical element – selenium.

It is necessary for iodine to be able to digest, and not to be excreted. The use of hormonal drugs as a method that protects against pregnancy, also entails the loss of iodine.

The most dangerous element is an insufficient Asami België number of pregnant women and young children. For them, the consequences can be irreversible.
To fill the gap of iodine in the body can only two ways – food products that contain a high amount of iodine, as well as with the help of special biologically active additives.


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