Interesting Facts About hair Loss

Most modern women, after seeing the advertisement of various means for hair care, are beginning to look very closely at his comb and read the amount of hair after each installation.

Obviously, the hair falling out – it is really a problem. But here you need to properly highlight key between itself and the phenomenon of its volumes.

For example, initially the process of hair loss can not be called a disease – it is a normal natural phenomenon, which is a consequence of the changes occurring in the body. Therefore, it is important to distinguish that this normal process, and when a problem.

According to doctors, the total number of lost hairs per day in the normal range may vary depending on their color and density. For example, if you are blonde, even at a loss of about 160 hairs per 24 hours, there is no reason to panic. The girls who have darker hair, this figure is slightly undervalued – to 110 hairs.

Well, if you have red hair, some have for the index more than 100 hairs a day can begin to use a variety of means. By the way, a very good and natural product that will help you protect your hair from falling out and to achieve stable stacking effect is MegaSpray spray that has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in practice.

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