Innovation Among the Ways to Lose Weight

31101628In the US, the experiments have been completed, on the basis of which the composition of the American scientists brought a new way to gain a healthy slender body.

Finding a voluntary number of men, and introducing them to the test, researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania got to breakfast in the morning greatly affects the daily change of the weight, and if you change a morning meal to frequent physical movement, the calories are burned more efficiently.

The plan study, laboratory subjects were divided into two equal groups, with one group of 8 hours were fed, and the second is not. The diet of this group was a useful protein food rich in vitamins. From 10 in the morning and she and the other group started jogging and trained for an hour on special tracks. The rest of the day, both groups could eat what they want, but the radion and scientists consumption also recorded. After a week of such a regime, the task groups were reversed.

The experiment proved the theory that if men ate more, and to exercise, the amount of calories it was an order of magnitude greater than when they are running around hungry. If the test subject was given lunch, then estimates for 24 hours, there were intake – 4500 calories, and no food in the mornings – 3600 calories.

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