Infertility and Stress – Communication Proved!

2910166In world practice, it was already known to earlier studies on the decline of female fertility as a result of constant stress.

However, all these guesses remain guesses, because they do not have been issued in accordance with all the rules and canons of official medicine.

For example, British scientists have carried out a similar study previously. However, they are a result were able to establish a long-term ability of stress to lower fertility in women.

Against the background of the above, it becomes very interesting research conducted by scientists at Ohio State University. It consists of observing and monitoring the level of female stress markers, which is what cortisol and alpha-amylase.

This study has finally been officially proven that chronic or long-term stress experienced by a woman, directly affects the twofold increase in the risk of infertility. Since the stress modern society is experiencing virtually every woman, this relationship becomes a key.

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