Independently Remove Moles Danger

On the ground, it is difficult to meet a person who has no moles on the body, and, there may be several, and set.

As a rule, the first spots can be seen, starting from 12 years of age, and in principle, they do not bring a man extra hassle.

Moreover, they may occur unexpectedly and disappear, but some remain for life.

A small mole on the face is considered attractive, whereas if it is larger and especially hanging, causing brings a lot of inconvenience, it is better to get rid of it. Naturally such prodelyvat himself, it is strictly prohibited procedure because to do it without any consequences could only specialist.

To do this he will need no more than 5 minutes, even more so that the operation is carried out painlessly using a laser. The causes of birthmarks can be varied, as a rule, they are transmitted by genes, and sometimes even appear in one and the same place. If all of a sudden, you find that one of them was a different color or changed shape, you should take it seriously. Best of all, if you pass inspection, because it may be indicative of a dangerous disease.

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