Include These Foods in Your Diet Winter

28111615Winter is coming, and it means that in this cold season our body longer exposed to various diseases, mainly colds and infectious.

First of all such diseases affect people whose body is weakened, therefore, throughout the year, but especially in the fall, it is necessary to use as much as possible, products containing vitamins. These include vegetables, fruits, herbs, because at this time in them is the most amount of nutrients.

The list of foods that should be included in your diet in the winter, are fatty fish varieties because it contains a lot of protein, which is easily digested, and the presence of vitamin D can help fight obesity. It should be remembered that from the fried fish only harm, so it is better to boil or bake in the oven.

Almost all citrus fruits are useful, because they present vitamin C, able to fight infections, but special attention should be paid to oranges, which can be used as an in-kind or in the form of juice, but only not on an empty stomach. Also, do not give up the onions, garlic, carrot and persimmon.

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