Include in Your Daily Diet of rose Hips

24111614In summer, our body gets as many vitamins as in any other season of the year, because there is an opportunity to treat yourself not only garden berries, and forest.

But the fruits of autumn, is considered the most valuable rose hips, and it is not surprising, because it was he rich in vitamin C, and even more than it is in any other citrus crops.

Eating these berries, increases immunity, the body gets rid of the swelling, as they helps to eliminate excess fluid from it. However, not only these medicinal properties has rose, it also helps to cope with inflammatory processes, headache.

This is particularly useful during cold broth, as well as bronchitis, because it helps in the treatment of severe coughing and rhinitis. Those people who suffer from heart disease and diabetes, rose hip tea is a must, as it reduces cholesterol and prevents heart attacks.

Cooking a healthy drink is not difficult. It is necessary to take some grapes and placing them in a thermos, pour hot water, but not boiling, as under the influence of high temperatures is lost part of its beneficial properties. The greater the effect will be if before serving add a little honey.

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