Inadmissible Errors in Feeding Children

In the upbringing of the child, correct nutrition plays an important role, because the health of the baby depends on it.

Some parents, under any pretext, force the child to eat all the prescribed portion, which, in their opinion, is necessary for its normal development.

However, experts say that this can not be done in any case, because, in addition to overeating, which will necessarily affect the appearance of excess weight, the child may have violations of the psychological state. No child will be hungry and eat as much as his body requires, and parents only need to prepare food from useful products, while expressing the imagination that the dishes are beautifully decorated, than attract the attention of the baby.

It is not recommended to prohibit sweets and give them only in the form of encouragement, because the forbidden fruit always causes increased interest. It will be better if you explain to the child that, for example, in the preparation of chips used additives that harm the body.

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