In Woman’s Love there is Shelf Life

2208201612When the woman swears eternal love to her man, she unknowingly cheating on him. The fact that recent studies show that the love of a woman has a shelf life. The results of the experiments, which were attended by more than 200 women with serious and stable relationship with a man for many years, women’s love does not last for more than 5 years.

Undoubtedly, a woman can easily keep living man for years and even decades, but after about 5 years, still feeling her man to change after marriage or relationship began. If man is not adjusted to the woman and gives her the necessary psychological support, it is virtually guaranteed that a marriage breaks up after five years.

Women who participated in this study confirmed that the first 5 years of life were ideal for objednat Fito Spray Česká republika them with her man. However, after this period in relations began constant quarrels, scandals and even divorce. As a result, studies have shown that about 79% of women after 5 years of living with a man want to break off relations and to find a new partner.

Stages Of Love

As psychologists say, studying the relationship between a man and a woman, as well as the attitude of married couples, love is a constant, continuous work. Only by applying certain efforts and consciously trying to prolong a good relationship, the couple can achieve a truly eternal love, unfading with age and life difficulties.

Specialists in the field of psychology distinguish 5 main love stages, which are sure to be present in the life of each person. Knowing about each of them can affect their time and prevent a loss.

Passion. This feeling arises at a subconscious level. Even unaware of the desire to be with a certain person, the constant thoughts about him creep into the consciousness of the opposite sex. Then there is a conscious desire to show sympathy, to hint about it. Usually during this period, both partners communicate with ease and naturalness. But also at this time, partners can attend to the uncertainty that the feeling can be mutual. It is right at this time to drive all doubts away. After all, if you do not try, you probably will not get a real strong feeling in your life. And even if nothing happens – not a reason to oppress yourself.

Proximity. It is considered the most important stage in all respects. It is at moments Fito Spray Magyarország of intimacy that a person can fully reveal himself, without hiding himself behind masks and makeup. This aspect is important throughout life in the relationship of spouses. Therefore, never neglect the desire of a partner to retire with you. Do not be shy about your desires, experiment, relax and surprise.

Tranquil sweetness. This period will be marked by calm and warm relations, in which it is not accepted to clarify relations and make claims. Partners constantly overwhelmed by the feeling of love and inspiration. However, you should not turn love into mawkishness. Excess of feelings can cause oskomu in a partner and quickly get bored. Emotional outbursts in the form of fleeting disputes do not harm.

A crisis. After some time after the ideal relationship and mutual promises of love, the partners gradually feel a sense of euphoria. At this point, they begin to open their eyes to the presence of shortcomings in the partner. At this point, people Fito Spray Eesti can understand that his half is not an ideal, but an ordinary person with a set of flaws. Here it is important to understand that you are also not ideal, because such people do not exist. Learn to love not only virtues, but negative characteristics.

Respect. This feeling serves as a solid foundation for mutual love. Only after realizing that your partner is a person worthy of respect and not requiring alterations, you can look at him with truly devoted and loving eyes.


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