In Winter Should be Ventilated Your Room

0311166Due to the fact that the annual increase prices for utilities due to the fact that more expensive gas and coal, people are trying as best we can insulate their homes.

Modern technologies used in recent construction companies, which are used in the construction of houses with insulation material. Homes old buildings are often insulated using foam and plastic windows on the change, and such programs are widely welcomed throughout Europe.

However, worth to remember that in the absence of ventilation in the room is accumulated stale air, breathing which may be different diseases, not only related to the respiratory system, but also the heart.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to ventilate the room every day at any time of the year. Especially it is necessary to carry out this procedure the evening, just before sleep.

In winter, when the heating system is working, the air in the room is dry, so it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning every day. By following these rules, after a while you will feel the improvement of health.

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