In the UK, women want to be treated with testosterone

0810162Medical experts have found a direct link between women’s health and their content in the body of male hormones.

In particular, the well-known British doctor Nick Panya said recently that due to the introduction of the female body of testosterone can help cure a number of serious diseases.

In his opinion, it is the male hormone may help women to feel the rush of vitality and energy. In addition, it will be very effective in cases where a woman experiences a state of prolonged depression, apathy to everything, or lack of sexual desire.

Furthermore, according to Nick Panya, namely by testosterone can help in the treatment of various hormonal diseases, reduce the development of various chronic diseases and even help in the treatment of infertility. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this initiative promotes a very long time, yet no medicine with testosterone for women did not receive a license to sell.

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