In the Spring of Pregnancy Should Vitamins

In the spring, almost all people lack the vitamins, and it is not surprising, because most of the products that we use, they are much less than during the harvest season.

One of the best fruits and vegetables storage methods recognized by the rapid freezing, so the summer and fall try to prepare as much as they can.

Especially difficult the period is for pregnant women, because as the unborn child should be provided with all necessary elements. There are a number of products in which the spring contains the maximum amount of vitamins. These include sea buckthorn, which in its composition has a lot of vitamins and amino acids that improve the metabolism.

No less useful berry cranberry, which can be used for colds and to boost immunity. Protein and calcium can be obtained from eating eggs and fish from the sea, preferring salmon species. Of course of great importance for the future mother is the presence of vitamin D, which can be obtained by prolonged exposure in the sun, so as often as you can walk.

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