In Diabetes Should Observe a Special Diet

2909201612Currently, the most common disease is diabetes, and is observed not only in adults but also for children. In most cases, the disease results from excess weight, but also plays an important role of heredity.

In order to prevent the occurrence of this disease, you need to watch your weight. If you have found elevated levels of blood sugar, it is necessary to comply with diet food. To do this, should be excluded from their menu carbohydrates that are rapidly digested and also keep a record of calories derived from food. The main products that are necessary for the preparation of food for diabetics, should be vegetables and fruits, as well as to limit or exclude from the diet of animal fats, replacing them with vegetable. As for cereals, that it is desirable to cook buckwheat or oats.

In order to monitor the daily reception of calories, you can speak to your doctor, who will provide you with a table of calories in products, according to which you balance your menu.

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