In Autumn be Sure to Eat a Persimmon

0711621Persimmons – this is a huge list of vitamins and trace elements that are available to you in the same nut.

This exotic Japanese-Chinese product is popular today and is available worldwide. Most of its benefits is that it grows in the cold season, when the rest of the vegetables and fruits are available.

Most people believe that the persimmon – is a fruit. In fact, it belongs to the berry category.

Among the key beneficial properties that characterize the persimmon, you can allocate a high percentage of vitamin C, optionally also potassium. In addition, the composition contains a large amount of persimmon useful fiber that is needed by the body. On average, a persimmon fiber is approximately 2 times greater than in the apple.

Energy value of the berry is so high that surpasses even figs. In addition to the high content of vitamins, persimmon promote weight loss and removal from the body of excessive moisture, and reduces inflammatory syndrome. If you spend much time on the computer, then you definitely need to eat a persimmon, because it is well improves vision.

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