In a Bad Mood More Often Think of Tasty Food

Are you in a bad mood? You just can not cope with the constant feeling of fatigue and depression?

In this case, you may need help thinking about… good food. This may seem a little strange, but according to scientists thought of the delicious food beneficial effect on the psychological state of man. In particular, a group of researchers from the United States recently published in the scientific journal article, which proved the relationship between thoughts and the food and the mood of the person.

It turns out that if a bad mood or depressed people begin to think about sweets, tasty food or his favorite dishes from the restaurant, it helps them to lift mood and improve overall health.

Scientists are convinced that this is due to the associative perception of our brain. Delicious food makes us pleasant emotions. So when we think about it, our brain automatically receives signals to improve mood and good memories.

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