I’m Allergic to Wi-Fi?

08111622A huge number of gadgets and mobile devices in your home around the clock access to the Internet by using Wi-Fi connection.

However, sharply increased the number of those users in the last few years who complain of certain health problems and blame it is your Internet modem. In recent years, many medical forums are actively discussing the possibility of an allergic reaction to Wi-Fi.

The flow of electromagnetic waves that are generated by the modem is a concern for many people. Some even compare it with the impact of microwaves on food when we opened it in the microwave. Nevertheless it, recent research experts from the US deny this information.

As a result of tests and experiments we found out that a certain category of people can actually experience an increased sensitivity to the effects of electromagnetic fields. However, it can not be called medical condition, and hence in the treatment of this problem is also not needed.

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