Humor for Females is Quite Important Sense

26101623Norwegian researchers found that people with a good sense of humor live much longer.

For two decades, scientists have studied the state of health and living standards of 53 million women who were involved in the experiment.

According to the study, some conclusions have been made, namely that those women who have developed a sense of humor better than 73% less likely to die of diseases of the heart and vascular system, compared with women who have a more serious character.

Fatal for a variety of reasons, the fairer sex with a sense of humor is reduced by 48%. Moreover, the materials that have been received on site, pointed out that a more cheerful women 83% less prone to infectious diseases.

It must be emphasized that such studies have been conducted among men. The study found that the mortality percentage of the difference is not great between the representatives of the stronger sex who have a good sense of humor when compared with the more serious temperament.

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