Hugs during Sleep Incredibly Helpful

11111621Do you like to sleep in an embrace? Then now you will have another strong argument in favor of this habit.

Recently, scientists and the United States came to the conclusion that sleep in the same bed and hugging during sleep – is not only pleasant, but also very good for health. As Dr. Wendy Troxel said, studies show that when a man and woman sleeping in an embrace, they are much less likely to wake up during the night. And this is directly affects the quality of sleep.

Wendy Troxel says that sleep is a fundamental part of our lives and health. It turns out that men and women who sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms, often wake up at night and do not get enough sleep.

But if they sleep together and embrace each other, it helps to suppress the development of the stress hormone, which is very beneficial to health.

Even if you think that during sleep partner prevents you from their hands, or sounds, in fact, the body gets a lot more good than when sleeping alone.

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