Hugging a Tree is Good for Health

Scientists were able to prove that the best vacation is a camping trip in the country, where staying a certain period of time a person has normal psychological state, but also improves the function of many organs, including the heart, as the fresh air has a positive effect on its activity.

It is no coincidence, because the trees are able to create a wonderful atmosphere of being in which a person is resting body and soul.

However, from the book «Blinded By Science», authored by Matthew Silverstone, it became known that hugging trees, a person gets positive emotions, as well as get rid of depressive states and headaches.

Such conclusions were made after research, that were conducted in Japan, where people are now specially go in groups on nature for a few days, that all this time, this time to stay in the green spaces, and as often as possible to hug trees. Therefore, in your spare time, do not miss the opportunity to go with the whole family in the woods or park.

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