How Warm Feet?

170920161Many of you have probably faced the same problem when they could not sleep due to the fact that cold feet. The reason for this disease may be various changes in the body, usually caused by colds. In order not to feel uncomfortable, there are several traditional methods that allow you to warm your feet.

One is the addition of a warm bath ginger root, which promotes circulation. Plain water bottle filled with hot water and applied to the feet, you can quickly warm up. Foot massage, made before going to bed, will not only allow them to warm up, but feel pleasant relaxation throughout the body. If there is a chill throughout the body, it is the first signs of a cold, so you need to drink a glass of hot tea with the addition of herbs or honey.

Also, doctors often recommend exercise that will not only warm, but also help maintain a slim figure. In cold weather, keep your feet always warm.

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