How Walking Affects Durability of Life

It is noted that older people who lead an active lifestyle, despite their age, live much longer than their peers, while they suffer less from various kinds of diseases.

It has long been proven that even half an hour of walking every day can burn more than 150 calories, which in turn has a positive effect on weight loss.

It’s no secret that among the long-livers, there are almost no full people. In addition to the fact that the muscular system is strengthened during walking, joints are developed, preventing the deposition of salts, and the blood is enriched with oxygen. In turn, it improves the functioning of the heart system and the brain, moreover, these individuals are less likely to have sclerosis, visual impairment and other diseases.

Therefore, instead of lying on the couch and watching TV, as often as possible go out into the street, thereby you will extend the years of your life. Living on the upper floors, try to stop using the elevator, because walking the stairs is the best prevention for the work of the heart.

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