How Useful Yogurt

2210161Nowadays, in stores you can find different varieties of yoghurt with different fruit additives.

This product is very like children, but also adults with its fun use for a snack, because it is very convenient and many consider it a useful product for health.

But scientists warn that not all types of yogurt are useful for our body, because most are not very expensive types of this product uses a large amount of preservatives to extend the shelf life of them. Moreover, they added so much sugar that, when part of his hand, the man quietly gaining extra weight and is, at best, because there is the threat of diabetes.
Also, sweet yoghurt fat varieties adversely affect the operation of the pancreas.

If you do decide to buy this kind of product, then give preference to classic varieties, in which there is no sugar and food additives. As a rule, this is less than the shelf life of yogurt, but it will not harm your body.

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