How Useful Tomato Juice

It is well known that the juices are beneficial food, the only thing you need to remember that it is recommended to use fresh juice prepared at home, rather than those offered in the stores because they contain large amounts of harmful substances.

As it became known after the study, one of the most useful juices tomato is because, due to the presence of lycopene in it, it prevents the occurrence of cancer, even in people who smoke.

However, there is one condition, to warn themselves from lung cancer, you need to drink at least one glass of juice after each smoked a cigarette, but much better if people abandon the habit, and tomato juice drink is within the normal range.

Also the beverage positive effect on the heart of the system and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol.

The best time to use the juice is the first half of the day, and not earlier than half an hour after taking breakfast.

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