How Useful to Sleep in the Afternoon?

Sleep is one of the important factors that affect our well-being.

Probably everyone noticed behind him, that bad night’s sleep, it loses efficiency, there is nervousness, irritability and headaches.

Until recently it was believed that daytime sleep is not useful, because, in addition to the emergence of excess weight, no good it brings.

However, Japanese scientists were able to prove that the people who are at lunch time could afford to sleep for 30 minutes, I felt a surge of vitality and improve overall health. This is not surprising, because this day vacation has a positive effect on the heart and gives the rest to the brain and normalizes blood pressure.

Therefore, those people who, at least a few days a week, take the time this dream is usually distinguished by their longevity. At the same time, do not get involved, because, having slept during the day and a half hours, you risk to break the night’s sleep, as will suffer from insomnia.

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