How Useful This Winter Berry

Among winter berries, such as wild rose, mountain ash, is not to forget about viburnum, which also has healing properties, because in its composition are vitamins such as A, E not to mention vitamin C, which is more than in citrus fruit.

This berry has a slightly bitter taste, so for a wide use in humans, it is rarely used.

However, it should hit the first frost, as the snowball becomes sweet, it does not lose its healing properties, so it can be safely frozen. People who have problems with the heart operation of the system, this berry is recommended to drink on a daily basis, to comply with the norm. One teaspoon of berries with honey is a daily dose, and this is enough to get rid of swelling.

During the cold, which is accompanied by a cough, viburnum, will quickly get rid of it. However, along with all its useful properties and contraindications are, for example, due to the fact that it lowers blood pressure, people who have reduced it, should give it up.

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