How Useful Salt Cave

In our time, for the treatment of various diseases are increasingly using new technologies, most of which are very effective because they allow you to get rid of the disease.

Salt caves, which are scientifically called halo chambers are almost all nursing homes, hospitals, and are used to treat people with respiratory problems.

The greatest effect is obtained from the cameras, which use rock salt, mined in the mines, which was formed naturally and not by evaporation of salty water. Of course, such procedures can be carried out after consultation with the doctor, because any disease in acute, requires special attention.

Inhaling vapors of salt can reduce inflammation, swelling to remove and dispose of infectious respiratory diseases. In addition, after visiting salt caves in humans there is an increase immunity, able to resist various infections and viruses. Galo camera is not recommended to visit right after a meal and stay there for more than an hour.

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