How Useful Red Fish Are from the Store?

Everyone knows that the lack of Omega-3 in the body leads to a number of different diseases, in most cases associated with the onset of atherosclerosis.

Fatty acids are mainly found in seafood, but experts warn that in fish of red varieties such as trout, salmon and others, useful substances are much less than, for example, in mackerel or herring.

The fact is that marine fish feed on plankton and algae, which contain the necessary vitamins. As for red fish, the one that is sold in stores, almost everything comes from artificial reservoirs, where it is cultivated by farmers.

Due to the fact that these fish varieties are not adapted to such living conditions, antibiotics, naturally present in fish meat, are added to the feed for prevention purposes.

In addition, in the feed there are no components that form fatty acids, so there is practically no benefit from such a fish, one can even say that it is more harmful. American scientists have proved that during the heat treatment in the meat of fish the formula changes.

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