How Useful is the Spring Greens

With the advent of warm spring days, fresh greens appear increasingly on store shelves and markets.

It should be noted right away that the amount of useful substances, that green that is grown in the open ground, is much richer in vitamins than greenhouse, when growing it, artificial lighting and various chemical additives were used for better growth.

It is during this period that people need such products, because in winter we do not get enough substances. What is useful, for example, parsley? It turns out that it contains vitamin C five times more than in lemon, and by the amount of vitamin A, it overtook even carrots.

Using green shoots of onions and garlic, you protect your body from various kinds of viruses, which are especially active in the early spring.

As for celery, it contains, in addition to a large number of vitamins, substances that can purify the body of accumulated waste products. In this list, you can also bring sorrel, lettuce and other plants, which, the more you use them, the less you will get sick and look younger.

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