How useful fasting days?

04101624When you are having problems with losing weight or feel a certain heaviness in the body, you definitely need to try to hold periodic fasting days.

It is a specific time period during which you significantly reduces the intake of calories and increase the amount of water you drink.

Scientists say that if at least one day a week to arrange a discharge of such a process, very soon your weight will start to decrease rapidly. At the same time, in the rest of the week you can eat to your standard graphics and nothing does not deny.

The principle of operation of the discharge of the day is that you choose a single product and only eat it within 24 hours. For example, you can choose apples or bananas and eat them. In this case it is possible to lose weight is good and enrich your body with nutrients and trace elements.

But everywhere the measure is necessary. You can not hold more than 2 days in a row handling, otherwise you run the risk of further problems with your health.

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