How Useful Chicken Eggs

05111622Eggs is a product containing a large amount of protein and contains vitamins A, D, and B, fats, carbohydrates, we can say everything you need to ensure the vital functions of our body.

Some scientists have argued that the use of eggs is able to increase the bad cholesterol in the blood, however, as a result of recent data, which presented the American Institute of doctors, it became known that the eggs in moderation does not increase cholesterol, but rather contribute to the improvement of the blood supply.

Also, many people believe that the eggs that have brown shells useful than white, but it is not so, because the shell color does not affect the quality of the product. Of great importance is the conditions of poultry, and what kind of food they eat. If the chicken is sitting in a cage, and she is given special feed with various additives that increase egg production, in this egg of nutrients is much less than that which will carry the chicken, walked on the loose and is powered by natural foods.

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