How Useful Beetroot Juice

Our body is constantly needs to replenish vitamins and if the summer and autumn, we provide it at the expense of fresh vegetables and fruits in the winter is difficult to do, because the products offered in stores, do not contain in their composition of mineral substances.

However, there are some vegetables that are well kept throughout the winter, without losing its properties.

These include beets, which can be of different varieties. Most housewives in the preparation of various salads, vegetables are used, having a dark red color, since they differ best taste. Especially useful is the juice of a beet.

Just want to warn you that you need to drink it in diluted form, because it contains a high concentration, therefore, it is recommended to dilute it with carrot, pumpkin and apple juice.

This drink is beneficial to almost all the people, except those who have kidney problems, diabetes, or there is increased acidity. Besides the fact that it contains many useful substances, it gives you energy and increases the tone.

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